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In 2010 the Secondary teaching team endeavoured to grow the students in the three main learning areas of knowledge and critical thinking, caring and spirituality, as well as student leadership. With the committed leadership of the Dean of Curriculum and the Heads of Department we achieved academic growth by delivering purposeful and vibrant programs that acknowledged every student?s individuality, their wide range of multiple intelligences and the sacredness of life in all classes, with a special focus in Christian Living classes.

Our graduation rate remained excellent at 100% and affirms the parental support of our teachers who guide students to the best possible learning outcomes from Year 8 transition to Year 12 results.

Caring that redeems souls and grows character is the hallmark of all Pastoral Care activities led by the Dean of Students, the Year 12 Coordinator and the Heads of House through student leadership, Pastoral Care classes, House competitions, Micah Trek, Cadets, sports carnivals and numerous camps. For our size, the school has enjoyed amazing achievements on the sporting fields at competitions and through heart-felt fundraising for disasters, Canteen, Hagar and Sunlight of Dawn. Our students love participating in this culture and help grow one another.

The Christian staff equips students to value life-long education that continues in the wider world where we pray they will be shining examples of morally ethical leadership in whatever they do - young people of justice, faith, hope and love. As in the words of St Francis of Assisi, "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle? - in God our students can keep shining wherever they are.

For 2011, my team are preparing professional learning designed and delivered in house for many exciting new educational directions, especially the Australian Curriculum, the 1:1 Laptop Implementation Program for all Year 10s, the review of the Christian Living program and the proposed use of the Gymnasium/ Performing Arts Centre.


Ellenbrook Christian College is a safe and nurturing educational community which, in partnership with families, values and promotes growth of the whole person from a Christian perspective to reach his/her full potential.


Ellenbrook Christian College offers accessible private education for the whole community regardless of race, status or belief.

Ellenbrook Christian College values the worth of each individual student and seeks to develop the:

Intellect through excellence in academic programmes designed to meet individual needs;

Physical wellbeing through a rich and targeted sport/health programme;

Spiritual awareness and wholeness by exposure to Christian and Biblical foundations.

Ellenbrook Christian College endorses the duty of parents as primary educators and encourages families to take an active and informed role in College life.

Ellenbrook Christian College provides well-developed pastoral care  with early  intervention  strategies that promote positive relationships.  The College promotes a culture that encourages social conscience,  justice,  service  and  respect  of  others and the environment.

Ellenbrook Christian College  has  diverse  programmes that recognise  and  celebrate  the  different  abilities  and rates of development of each individual student.

Ellenbrook Christian College  recognises  the authority of the Bible as the foundation of a Christian world view of mankind and the environment. It acknowledges the preciousness of all people in God’s eyes, holding each other accountable for their integrity, attitude and actions.

Technology Program

The College is excited about the technology program introduced at the beginning of 2011.  We believe it can facilitate preparing our students with the skills they will require in 21st century society.  Our students will find employers are going to be less interested in those who have memorised facts and more interested in those who can accurately source quality information, those who can analyse and synthesise that information and those who can harness the power and flexibility of technology for creative endeavours that solve modern problems.  It is our intention that by immersing technology into the curriculum through every student using an iPad in class, we will have the opportunity to develop these valuable skills in our students so they may make the most of the opportunities that will come their way in life.

Music Department

Ellenbrook Christian College offers tuition on a range of instruments including Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Voice.  Several more instruments are offered as part of the Band Program; such as Alto, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Clarinet and Flute.

Our tutors are all experienced, active and qualified musicians who have been appointed due to their expertise on various instruments and have experience teaching in other schools and music studios.

The College now also has outstanding new instrumental practise and tuition facilities, which should prove an immense asset to the College.